Who are we

"Be yourself and you can be anything " 


We're Malika & Ibz...a young(ish) married couple doing our ting! (lol.. ok)

Let's get serious...

Our most well known product The Natural Hair Planner is where it all began. Malika had recently started her natural hair journey and was struggling to keep up with it all, she'd gone through a journey of self-love and acceptance and she wasn't about to let a few (BAD!! Like really bad) wash & go's get in her way. So, using her corporate planning expertise and the haircare knowledge she gained along the way she created The Natural Hair Planner to help support and empower women to stay on top of their natural hair journey.

Our planner launched in the middle of the pandemic but that didn't stop the support from our customers ♥ so when we saw how much you guys came through for us we knew we had to create more products to uplift and inspire.

It's in our name, Textured Roots is all about thriving by being the best multi-layered, beautiful, authentically textured version of you.

Because life's too short to be anything else.

Our ethos shines throughout our carefully put together product range, which is inspired by our experiences and our goals. This is why not only are our products high quality, but are they're also full of character too!

Thank you for supporting us!

Malika & Ibz  x





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