Slay your Sunday Routine

Sunday is a great day to get ready to slay the week ahead. 💅🏽

2021 diary on desk with cup of tea

If you can find time for a few hours for yourself on Sunday, this can make a huggeee impact on how you feel about the week ahead. 

Here's some tips on how to make that transition into Monday a lot easier: 

  • Set your intention for the day🖊- Even if it's to absolutely do nothing! It'll help you frame your day ahead.
  • Review your calendar and to-do list  🗓- You know that Monday morning feeling? Where you're struggling to get up only to remember you have a 9am meeting that starts in 5?! Looking ahead at your calendar and spending 5 minutes to sit down and write down your to-do list for Monday and/or the week ahead can help avoid any surprises and help you feel more in control of your goals.
  • Clean & Chat 📱- A clean house can have a big impact on your attitude for your week ahead. If you can think of 101 things you'd rather do, here's a tip; have a chat with a loved one whilst cleaning the house - multitasking! This is a great hack to make  tasks like cleaning fly by! 
  • Meal Prep, Meal Prep, Meal Prep 🍽 - If you really want to get ahead of the game, try prepping your breakfast and lunch for the week ahead or at least for Monday. Pop on your fave tunes whilst cooking, have a dance and a sing-a-long to make the process go quicker.
  • #FashionGang 👗- If looking your best in the office or on that zoom call is your thing but it seems to take forever on a Monday morning, try setting some time aside to plan your outfits on a Sunday so your morning runs a lot smoother (or you can squeeze in a cheeky lie-in! 😉) 
  • Money Talks 💸- Sunday is an ideal time to review your budget. Did you stay on budget last week? Are there key bills coming up? What's your weekly spending plan for the week ahead. This'll defo make you feel on top of things for the week ahead
  • #SelfcareSunday 🛀- isn't a hashtag for any old reason. Have a bath, paint your nails, an extra long shower or a nap - Do whatever makes you happy and feel relaxed. You deserve it!
  • Bed Head! 💤- Head off to bed on time. We all know the importance of getting as close to 8 hours of sleep a day. Your mind and body will thank you when you wake up on Monday morning.

Now go smash your Sunday routine babe! ❤


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